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SMS Students Make Up a Majority of All-County Chorus

For those in the Seneca Middle School Chorus program, life is filled with hard work. Yet with that work rewards usually follow. Recently, a large number of students in the program earned their first reward – a place in the 2021 All-County Chorus.  After a competitive audition process, 32 Seneca Middle School chorus students earned placement in the group which had a total of just 58 members. Membership in this countywide group also had its own hard work and reward cycle.  The students spent an entire day working at an all-day choral clinic.  The reward came the following night when the students thoroughly enjoyed performing at the All-County Chorus concert.  The Seneca Middle School Chorus Director, Carla Brock said of her students and the event, “I am extremely proud of the hard work each student selected gave in preparing for the audition.  After so many months of canceled events, it was wonderful to join all Oconee schools together creating beautiful music for a combined concert!”

The Seneca Middle School members of the 2021 All-County Chorus are: Emmanuel Attisso, Nyterious Bradley, Abby Carlson, Lydia Carlson, Jania Carmichael, Eliora Cobb, Lilly Cook, Maddie Cooley, Abbey Crenshaw, Derion Davis, Kaitlynn Day, Grant Duvall, Thomas Evatt, Stephen Goodroe, Linley Hammett, Lauren Ivey, Tyler Johnson, Riley Martin, Macari Mayfield, Sawyer Moss, Olivia Moulder, Khlooee Myers, Maddi Oxford, Sydney Parkhurst, Emily Pipes, Laina Rebholz, Alyssa Rich, Campbell Roberts, Lyric Sayres, Avery Smith, Nation Williams, and Brooke Wylie.

Seneca Middle School All-County Students

SMS Students Dominate at All-County Orchestra

Seneca Middle School has long been known for its outstanding music programs with accolades and awards earned year after year.  The 2021-2022 school year started off on par with this tradition with the SMS Orchestra students and their domination of the 2021 All-County Orchestra.  After a competitive audition process, 25 of the 28 spots in the countywide ensemble were earned by Seneca Middle School Orchestra students.  Due to their outstanding achievement, these students were able to participate in an all-day orchestra clinic followed by a concert the following evening.

The Seneca Middle School students who earned a spot in the All-County Orchestra this year are: Violin I - Emma Dover, Thomas Evatt, Amirah Baxter, Sage Barber, Mandy Johnson, Addison Steele; Violin II - Chloe Bay, Laina Rebholz, Jada Williams; Viola - Andrew Lambert, Caitlyn Brinkman, Delacey Holland, Brooklyn Craig, Kira Hartmann; Cello - Mekhi Mendez, Anna Sanders, Bracken Nations, Olivia Moulder, Lauren Ivey, Bella Duran, Chloe Laye, Kaitlyn Day; Bass - Drayden Saylors, Kami Mumaw, Stephen Goodroe.  About their accomplishments and representation of Seneca Middle School, their director David Warlick said, “I am very proud of the students for their commitment and ability.

Art Students Make Seneca Middle School Media Center Shine

Anyone who has undertaken any level of home renovation will acknowledge what a difference a little paint will make.  A selection of 7th grade art students at Seneca Middle School recently experienced this principle firsthand as they completed a painting project in the school’s media center, albeit one of a different sort.  There, the students worked on a collaborative art project where their paint wasn’t applied to a wall, but to a bank of windows overlooking a tree-shaded courtyard. 

The change of the season was the inspiration for librarian Cassie Moore and art teacher Mara Diaz to collaborate on this unique project.  For days leading up to the actual application of paint to the windows, these students planned and sketched out multiple designs to reflect the colorful glory of the fall season.  The interest was so keen that students could be heard in the hallway commenting on what they had drawn and hoping it would make it to the final design.  Finally, over the course of several days, majestic trees, bright pumpkins, and various wildlife took shape along the length of an entire section of the library.  On its own, the students’ artwork is creative and beautiful but with the afternoon sunlight shining through the windows the art becomes positively stunning.

According to Moore, “It's so exciting to have teachers and students utilize the library in such a creative way.  I love being able to look up and see the students' beautiful, colorful artwork on the windows.  It represents the talent of our students and their wonderful teacher, Ms. Diaz.”  As for Diaz, she relates that, "Collaborative art projects are a great way to promote community and creativity in the art room and throughout the school. Students learn to appreciate each other’s ideas, contributions and unique skills. These projects are a great way to build relationships among students, staff, and community members.  When using collaborative skills and creative thinking, students become more effective communicators and contributors in our society."

Ms. Diaz and her 7th Grade art students with artwork
Courtyard doors with student art work

Click here to view more pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving  Schools closed 11/23-11/28 Students and staff return 11/29

Happy Thanksgiving
Schools will be closed November 24th - 28th
Students and Staff return on Monday, November 29th 

School District of Oconee County Logo


To:       SDOC Parents, Guardians, Students and General Public

From:   Steve Hanvey, Associate Superintendent for Administration

RE:       Inclement Weather eLearning Days


This information is being sent as a reminder of the district’s inclement weather procedures. When there is potential for hazardous conditions, administrators will visually check road conditions in each attendance area.  Officials may also consult with Oconee County Emergency Management and law enforcement to assess conditions. 

Any decision to move to eLearning will be made by 6:00AM.  

Announcement of a decision to move to eLearning will be made through the following outlets:

  • SDOC/school websites & SDOC App (immediate posting with up to date information)
  • School Messenger Call System (delivered to parents & staff via phone, email or text)
  • Radio (WGOG–101.7FM, The Lake 94.1 or 1150AM, WCCP-105.5FM, WJMZ 107.3)
  • Local TV (WYFF-4, WSPA-7, WHNS-21)
  • Twitter @OconeeSC_school
  • Facebook – School District of Oconee County

As a county school district with several district wide programs (Adult Education, Hamilton Career & Technology Center, etc.), it is best for the operation of the district to move to eLearning for all locations even if inclement weather is only affecting parts of the county. The two possible announcements for inclement weather are listed below. 

Announcement Explanation
2 Hour Delay Students will report to school 2 hours later than normal.
eLearning Students will not come to school buildings.  Assignments will be posted by 10:00am.  Teachers will be available for office hours from 10:00 to 11:00am and 2:30 to 3:30pm.  Students will have 5 days upon returning to school to turn in assignments.  If assignments are not completed and turned in within those 5 days, the student will be considered absent for the eLearning day.
Afternoon & Evening Activities Canceled Practices, games, concerts or any other evening activities are cancelled. 

For more information on eLearning, please visit

SDOC eLearning

Printable version of weather information


VirtualSDOC Logo

The School District of Oconee County offers students in grades 7 through 12 access to virtual, asynchronous, high school credit-bearing courses facilitated by district teachers.    The deadline to request classes for the spring semester is December 10th.  We encourage students to reach out to their guidance counselors for more information and to request one of these classes for their schedule.  

Spring Courses for 9-12th grade:  English 1, 2, 3, & 4 CP, Algebra 1 CP, Geometry CP, Algebra 2 CP, Probability and Statistics, IT Fundamentals, Personal Finance, Family Life Education, Medical Terminology, Physical Education, Human Geography, US History, Government (.5 credit), Economics (.5 credit), Biology, Anatomy and Honors Sociology.

Spring Courses for 7-8th grade:  IT Fundamentals 

For more information, please visit the VirtualSDOC page on the district website or reach out to your student's guidance counselor. 

School District of Oconee County Logo

iPad Sale Update


To ensure equal access and to allow us to work through some logistics, the retired iPad sale has been moved to December 20th.  More details will be released after Thanksgiving. 


We apologize for the change and appreciate your patience in this matter. 

Seneca Middle School Returns to Veterans Day Tradition

At Seneca Middle School, no other assembly is as solemn, important, or moving as the annual Veterans Day program – a program which has a long and proud history at the school.  After a forced pause in hosting this very important event for a year because of covid, the faculty, staff, and student body of the school was delighted to once again invite visitors into the building to honor their service and sacrifice. The day began with an informal gathering in the media center where the veterans could enjoy mid-morning snacks and mingle among one another as well as enjoy the patriotic artwork prepared by the students of art teacher Mara Diaz and the “America’s White Table” display supplied by social studies teacher Lisa Putnam and a selection of her students.  Thereafter, the guests traveled to the gym and entered to raucous applause and a standing ovation followed by a beautiful rendition of the Star-Spangle Banner by the school’s Honors Chorus and the pledge to the U.S. flag.  The gathered veterans and student body then enjoyed masterful performances of patriotic and solemn musical selections performed by the Seneca Middle School Honors Chorus, Orchestra and Symphonic Band directed by Carla Brock, David Warlick, and Daniel Titus, respectively.  The program ended with each veteran being individually recognized and escorted out of the gym by the student who invited them to attend.  As Principal Dr. Darrell McDowell said to the assembled students, “It is important that these young people, who haven’t really lived long enough to understand what it means to answer that call to duty to serve our country, truly get what we are celebrating each Veterans Day and sincerely appreciate what their service means to us all.”

SMS Veterans Day Guests

Seneca Middle School 1st Quarter Honor Roll


6th Grade Principal’s List (all grades 96 or higher)        

Mariana Beatriz-Pinto, Sarah Allison Helms, Isabella Raine Jorgensen, Bentley Cole Kaliski, Rei Thornton Langley, Brian Christopher Lianos, Alana Jean Madden, Addison Grace Steele, Tillman Ryan Sullivan

6th Grade All As List

Benjamin Alexander Bolton, Molly Moon Bradley, Erin Blakely Brown, Jarvis Jarod Brown, John Richard Cantrell, Ayden Sydney Carnes, Connor Johan DeVries, Eli Edwin Edwards, Bryce Daniel Heeter, Raquel Elizabeth Hernandez, Ella McKenzie Holton, Hope Catherine Martin, Cole Michael McGuffin, Audrey Claire Metler, Gregory Miles Parkin, Mila Mireille Potthast, Parker Jay Riches, Carter Jay Roberts, Jose Antonio Santiago Martinez, Jack Alexander Shadwick, Chase Jonathan Smith, Elona Andreyevna Svistun, Emma Carolina Swaney, Elijah Ray Towe, Kamiyah Delphine Waddell, Mariah Cathy Wilson, Meiquel Jameer Wilson

6th Grade All As and Bs List

Kash Wesley Adams, Gabriel Jose Amador Mata, Landen Ray Balchin, Ayden Michael Barton, Emily Kate Barton, Joshua Brannan Benson, Natalie Ann Bryson, Reid Warren Campbell, Matthew Rael Carlson, Clayton Joshua Case, Kaylie Alexis Chastain, Jemarrion Brayden Cobb, Rebekah Ann Collins, Ramsey Leigh Earle, Megan Ray Ellenburg, Sean Michael Ferguson, Samantha Reagan Gibson, Kealie Pauline Glass, Rheagan Bliss Goss, Samuel Walker Harvell, Evye Jorgina Hathaway, Calvin Glenn Heck, Jacob Joseph Hemme, Nolen Zander Hicks, Cynthia Rezmay Hill-Swaney, Connor Andrew James Holbrooks, Navia Mariah Holden, Omarion T'Rich Holden, Sydney Carol Hunt, Samual Marcus Blake Kelley, Cokeleigh Kay Long, Adriana Tuyet Ma, Jaleigh Makena Martin, Zamiya Marie McClure, Isabelle LeeAnn McIntyre, Ethan Ryan McMahan, Isabella Joanne Mendez, Mario James Miano, KyLeigh Elizabeth J Morris, Bronson Andrew Murray, Zileah Jamii-lynn Poole, Julian Abisai Ruiz, Chase Owen Russell, Mason Davis Fricks Sheriff, Rosalind Elizabeth Spoelstra, Isabel Julia Stinard, , Brooklyn Faith Thomason, Isabella Ayanna Rochelle Thompson, William Jackson Webb, Olivia Michele Willoughby, Karlee Paige Winchester, Sophia Jo Ann Wylie

7th Grade Principal’s List (all grades 96 or higher)

Carly Elizabeth Blakely, Caitlyn Elyse Brinkman, Lauren Elizabeth Chavis, Stephen Dexter Goodroe, Connor Holt Greene, London Riley Johnson, Caitlyn Lael Leroy, Riley Joseph Lione, Bracken Christopher Nations, Brooke Victoria Wylie

7th Grade All As List

Ely Bryce Alexander, Abigail Marie Blackwell, Kimberly Renae Burkey, Lydia Jayne Carlson, Jania Renee Carmichael, Christian Napolean Chancellor, Vivian Rae Doyle, Madyson Grace Durham, Thomas Emory Evatt, Morgan Hope Gallimore, Avyn Bree Hanvey, Niklous Vaughn Hanvey, Kate Reed Harding, Kandel Juel Holbrooks, Silas Mitchell Hoverman, Lauren Elizabeth Ivey, Leah LeBrun, Parker Catelynn Moroney, Ethan Neighbors, Lily Kate Nimmons, Madison Elaine Owens, Warren Jacob Pitts, Anna Chantelle Riches, Kaedenze Tiara' Simpson, Brylee Kaysen Stinnett, Hunter Dale Watkins, Nadia Leah Wolsleger

7th Grade All As and Bs List

Emmanuel Einsten Attisso, Caleb Eli Bellotte, Harper Ashley Black, Emily Grace Blackwell, William Harrison Blakely, Hunter Mitchell Bolt, Aaden Joseph Brewer, Benjamin Neal Brown, Connor Alan Burgess, Abigail Eve Carlson, Keauna Selena Christmas, Skyler Blake Cobb, Tristan Jacob Collins, Cole Thomas Cooper, Carter Thomas Cope, James Robert Cribb, Derion Tahiem Davis, Keyran Alexa Deyhle, Danah Sofia Diaz Hernandez, Madden Miller Dougherty, Gracen Porter Edgemon, Bailey Lynn Eller, Kenzie Maura Elliott, Braylon Harper Gibson, Levi Walker Grace, Addison Linley Hammett, Kira Alexis Hartman, Jalen Gage Hinkle, Haley Sky Ibarra, Braylon James Kilpatrick, Lorelai Judith Devon Leroy, Raelan Anisley Leroy, Taylor Ansley Lunsford, Kenya Ariatny Martinez, Angie Morales-Cordova, Zander Cade Morton, Olivia Portress Moulder, Zoi Marie Mullikin-Brown, Khloee MaRay Myers, Kylee Nicole Nelson, Draven Michael Parris, Sophie Rae Patterson, William Scott Philpott, Sara Carter Powell, Kelcey Alyssa Ramey, Emily Taylor Rice, Ethan Michael Roach, Savannah Bryce Rose, Lyric Rose Solana Sayres, Zaida Ladacia Smith, Isaiah Lee Weston, Azely Shikai Whitfield

8th Grade Principal’s List (all grades 96 or higher)

Ava Kinsley Alexander, Sage MiKell Barber, Lillian Ansley Cook, Emma Faye Dover, Tyler Benjamin Johnson, Andrew Ralph Lambert, Champ Joseph Trey Ransom, Daniel David Topping

8th Grade All As List

Olivia Michelle Barker, Chloe Frances Bay, Alivia Joy Beck, Logan Stefan James Black, Aundreya Charise Burt, Landon James Crawford, John Peter Dolfis, Jayden Nichole Grant, Kinyida Greenlee, Cole Ethan Griffin, Marialinda Hawkins, Amanda Joy Johnson, Adriana Larisa Ortega, Alexis Reba-Janelle Purdessy, Laina Rebholz, Alyssa Marie Rich, Landon Isaiah Rogers, Jason Wilkes, Tierson Soloman Wilson

8th Grade All As and Bs List

Hayden Leigh Alexander, Zanyah Ajoi Alexander, Zachary Ryan Allen, Luis Arturo Angeles, Gage Thomas Ballard, Cullen Robert Ballew, Daniela Beatriz, Ava David Becker, William Hunter Belch, Cadence Riley Bibb, Rilee M Brooks, Joshua Thomas Broom, Javiana Frances Burt, Chavis Izayah Campbell, Claire Monet Campbell, Miyana Elizabeth Chamberlain, Caleb Josiah Chiles, Cameron Omari Clayton, Madison Grace Cooley, Wyatt Sellars Cope, Abbey Ellen Crenshaw, Peyton Heath Crenshaw, Jason Cuong Dao, Chloe Brooke Davis, Kaitlyn Ashley Day, Isabella Faith Dever, Lydia Grace Dever, Timothy Grant Duvall, Jamiyah Areonna Fruster, Palmer Marcus Gaillard, Yair Galindo Sanchez, Janiya O'nia Greene, Clayton Eli Griffin, Kelsey Emma Halliwell, Chelsea Lynn Hamby, Noah Gabriel Hamm, Coltyn Gamuel Hawk, Ceaira Henson, Aaliyah Elaija Bell Holland, Caleb Aaden Hunter, Logan Curtis Johnson, Hailey Ciera Jones, Gavin Arthur Kilpatrick, Marissa Lynn Kinsey, Hannah Kaitlin Martin, Riley Elizabeth Martin, Macari Isaiah Mayfield, Christopher Jayden OBrayant McCauley, Dorsett Dorsett McCauley, Faizon Andrew Bryce McCauley, Lochlan Thompson McLaurin, Abigail Rose Metler, Caleb Christopher Mixon, Abigail Jean Nelson, Hannah-Marie Faith Nicholson, Marious Christian Oliver, Madison Joelle Oxford, Sydney Olivia Parkhurst, Nathan Hunter Patterson, Gabriel Matthew Pelletier, Emily Gayle Pipes, Lawton Ellis Pitts, Ivy Alexis Rice, Campbell Williams Roberts, Fleur Annabelle Romijn, Evelyn Galilea Ruvalcaba, Drayden Emanuel Smith Saylors, Ava Moon Segraves, Izara Isabella Seraneau, Avery Isaac Daniel Smith, Rylynn Elizabeth Spriggs, Kaidynce Peyton Summer, David Andreyevich Svistun, Makinsleigh Rose Thackerson, Gavin Steven Thoma, Kylee Belle Whitesel, Synia Harmony Williams

SDOC Launches Smartphone App

 Available in the AppleTM and AndroidTM App store



The School District of Oconee County “Oconee Schools SC” app is now available for download for both AppleTM and AndroidTM devices. The app will allow you access to news, events, and athletics for the district and individual schools. It also offers direct links to popular pages on the district website including breakfast and lunch menus, COVID-19 information, athletic ticket sales, school calendars, and more.


Iphone layout with SDOC App "more" page items

To stay connected and not miss any updates form SDOC:

►Search “Oconee Schools SC” in your device’s app store and download the app.

►Open the app and navigate to the “More” menu at the bottom right.

►Choose “My Schools” at the top.  Select “School District of Oconee County” and then select your school(s).

►To turn on mobile notifications, choose the “More” menu, tap “Notifications,”  then the gear icon at the top. 


VirtualSDOC Courses Available to Students in 7th-12th Grade 

VirtualSDOC Logo

The School District of Oconee County offers students in grades 7 through 12 access to virtual, asynchronous, high school credit-bearing courses facilitated by district teachers.  Courses are offered during the fall and spring semesters as well as during the summer.  

VirtualSDOC expands educational options for students who may want to graduate early, make room in their schedule to attend Hamilton Career and Technology Center dual enrollment classes, work a part-time job, catch up or get ahead on credits, or have a lighter course load during the school year.   Advantages of VirtualSDOC courses include the ability to work at the prescribed or at an accelerated pace; to complete assignments any time of the day;  and scheduled teacher office hours for questions and support.  

Available offerings for students in grades 9 through 12 include:  English 1, 2, 3, & 4 CP, Algebra 1 CP, Geometry CP, Algebra 2 CP, Probability and Statistics, IT Fundamentals, Personal Finance, Family Life Education, Medical Terminology, Physical Education, Human Geography, US History, Government(.5 credit), Economics(.5 credit), Biology, Anatomy, and Sociology

Middle School students in grades 7 and 8 may take IT Fundamentals during the fall, spring or summer.  Rising 9th grade students (just completed 8th grade) may take English 1 CP, Algebra 1 CP, Family Life Education, Personal Finance, Medical Terminology, Physical Education, Human Geography, Government, Economics,  IT Fundamentals, or Sociology during the summer.  

For more information, please visit the VirtualSDOC page on the district website or reach out to your student's guidance counselor. 

Please note: Final determination of course offerings each semester is based on student requests and teacher allotment. Summer courses are accelerated at an 8 week pace.

Cassie Moore

Seneca Middle School is thrilled that one of our very own, Ms. Cassie Moore, has been selected as the SDOC Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Moore was a long-time seventh grade ELA teacher before transitioning to become the school's Librarian/Media Specialist this year.  Her passion for books and reading is infectious and her energy and love for students is boundless.  Good luck to Ms. Moore as she now competes for South Carolina Teacher of the Year.


School District of Oconee County Logo


SDOC updates Mask Requirement for Buses



As the district announced last week, the SC State Department of Education re-instituted the requirement of face masks for students and drivers** on buses. School districts were given until August 30th to be in compliance.  The SCDE released a revised memo on Friday, August 26th, to clarify that  districts shall implement disciplinary measures for not wearing the mask.  The memo said: 

“...All districts must be in compliance with this requirement no later than Monday, August 30, 2021. School districts shall implement disciplinary measures designed to enforce this requirement, including, but not limited to suspending a student from riding a bus. However, no student should be placed in an unsafe situation as a result of attempting to board a bus without a face covering.”

The revised memo is linked on the SDOC COVID-19 page. The consequences for a student who refuse to wear a mask on the bus will include:

1st time:  Students will receive a warning

2nd time: A phone call will be made to the parents, explaining the consequences

3rd time:  Students will be suspended from the bus for one day.

Each additional refusal will result in an increase in the number of days the student is suspended from the bus.  It is possible with repeated refusal to wear a mask may result in suspension from the bus for the remainder of the school year. 

SDOC will begin implementation of consequences on Tuesday, September 7th. 


**A driver is not required to wear a mask if they are the only person on the bus.

FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit Logo


FCC Emergency Broadband Benefit to Families

 Assistance of up to $50 a month to those who qualify



The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) program to help families and households struggling to afford internet service during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Emergency Broadband Benefit will provide a discount of up to $50 per month towards broadband service for eligible households (up to $75 per month for households on qualifying Tribal lands). 

Eligible households can also receive a one-time discount of up to $100 to purchase a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet from participating providers if they contribute more than $10 and less than $50 toward the purchase price.The Emergency Broadband Benefit is limited to one monthly service discount and one device discount per household.

A household is eligible if a member of the household meets one of the criteria below:

  • Has an income that is at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participates in certain assistance programs, such as SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline;

  • Approved to receive benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program or the school breakfast program, including through the USDA Community Eligibility Provision in the 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 school year;

  • Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year;

  • Experienced a substantial loss of income due to job loss or furlough since February 29, 2020 and the household had a total income in 2020 a

    t or below $99,000 for single filers and $198,000 for joint filers; or

  • Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating provider's existing low-income or COVID-19 program.

There are three ways for eligible households to apply:

  1. Contact your preferred participating broadband provider directly to learn about their application process.

  2. Go to to apply online and to find participating providers near you.

  3. Call 833-511-0311 for a mail-in application, and return it along with copies of documents showing proof of eligibility to: Emergency Broadband Support Center, P.O. Box 7081, London, KY 40742

Update text on table


SDOC Updates COVID-19 Guidelines

 Masks are now STRONGLY ENCOURAGED for all students & staff


The School District of Oconee 2021-2022 school year COVID-19 Guidelines have been updated and posted on the district website. A summary of the changes is included below; complete guidelines can be found on the COVID-19 page of the district website. 

  • Masks are now strongly encouraged for all students and staff

  • Visitors to school buildings will be limited to essential reasons only.

  • Elementary students will be “cohorted,” meaning classrooms will not “mix” with other classrooms throughout the day, including recess.  Elementary students will eat meals in the classroom.

  • Field trips are suspended for the 1st 9 weeks of school.

It is important to note that these guidelines can change at any time in response to the COVID-19 pandemic or legislative action.