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Fast Facts


Seneca Middle School (SMS) is located in the beautiful Golden Corner of South Carolina nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with Lake Hartwell, Lake Keowee, and Lake Jocassee providing vast recreational opportunities just minutes away.   Also minutes away is Clemson University with all of the educational, cultural, and athletic opportunities it provides not only to its students but the community at large.  Oconee County has also become a favored retirement community for senior citizens from all over our country, many of whom have donated hours of their time volunteering in our school system.

Student Demographics

SMS is part of the School District of Oconee County and benefits from being one of the most diverse schools in our district. Our population of approximately 850 students is composed of:

  • 56% Caucasian
  • 26% African-American
  • 10% Hispanic
  • 8% Asian, Native American, or two or more races

We also have students with recent heritage from a variety of other territories and countries - Puerto Rico, Mexico, Japan, Vietnam, Honduras, Columbia, and Venezuela to name just a few.  Given our setting in a rural county which also has three pristine and highly-prized lakes and other sought-after living situations, our students come from a wide-range of socio-economic situations.  Academically, 20% of our student body are identified as “gifted and talented” while just 7% are served in a special education setting. We also have approximately 3% of our population receiving MLL (multi-language learners) services.  Being exposed to, interacting with, and befriending others of different ethnicities, socio-economic means and heritages only enriches our students. 


We are proud to have an outstanding slate of administrators, faculty, and staff:

  • Total number of employees - 87*
  • Number of certified (teachers) staff - 56
  • Number of classified (support) staff - 27
  • Number of administrators - 3
  • Teachers holding a master's degree - 30
  • Teachers/Administrators holding a Masters + 30 degree - 14
  • Teachers/Administrators holding a doctorate degree - 1
  • Female staff - 74%
  • Male staff - 26%

*This number reflects those employees assigned only to Seneca Middle School.  There are additional personnel such as ESOL, hearing, speech and other teachers and staff who work at SMS only a portion of their time.  This number also does not include The Nutrition Group employees who staff our cafeteria.


In case of inclement weather, please refer to the SDOC inclement weather policies:

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See the the SDOC Attendance Brochure for information regarding student attendance:

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